Ten new media award winners announced

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RIYADH: Ten out of a shortlist of 300 social media figures were announced on Thursday night as winners of the New Media Award, which was instituted by the Saudi General Commission for Audiovisual Media.
Speaking at the occasion, Minister of Culture and Information Awwad Al-Awwad said the award was instituted to encourage content makers and influencers in the Kingdom’s social media field.
“It aims to invest in their abilities in enhancing the power of society benefiting from these media platforms to produce high-quality content that contributes to the expansion of knowledge,” he said.
He added that the award will contribute to the promotion of positive behaviors, development of creative skills and abilities of the youth, the combating of extremist and hostile ideas, and disseminating values of love, peace and harmony among people.
The winners included Lebna Al-Khamis, Lafifa Al-Delehan, Abdulrahman Abumalih, Faiz Al-Maliki, Thunayan Al-Khaled, Faisal Al-Abdulkarim, Sami Al-Shebani, Rayyan Adel, Suleiman Al-Saleh and Mohammed Al-Bakri.
They have been described as the most influential figures of new media in the Kingdom, with the winners expressing happiness over the results of their efforts in coming up with digital content.
Asked about his reaction in winning the award, Al-Bakri told Arab News: “I’m happy indeed! It encourages me to be more creative and work harder in posting content with social relevance on my Instagram account.”
Asked if he had any idea how he was chosen, he said: “The public chose me and recommended me based on the content I posted on my Instagram account.”
“I was literally educating the public. I posted messages on my Instagram account regarding healthy food and dieting. I asked them to check the ingredients of canned food they buy from the supermarkets,” he said.
Abdulrahman Abumalih, chosen on postings on his Thmanyah LTR website, expressed his thanks to all those who had supported him so that he could be included among the winners.
Speaking about the content of his website, he said, “I and five others comprising the Thmanyah LTR website unfold the real life in Saudi Arabia and share the untold stories of its community.”
“We always hear stories and watch documentaries about Saudi culture from outsiders. We at Thmanyah believe that now it’s time to speak about Saudi Arabia from within, to tell and share the truth about people who live in it,” he said.
He said that he and his team are documenting — through YouTube and podcasts — topics including yoga, meditation and Saudi women working in fields normally dominated by men such as engineering and science.

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