Spanish Armed Forces Upgrading LAG-40 Grenadiers With Holographic Sights

The veteran LAG-40 automatic grenade launchers in service with the Spanish Armed Forces will receive holographic sights from the Norwegian company Våpensmia.

The Headquarters for Economic Affairs of the Army Logistics Support Command (MALE) has awarded the Norwegian company Våpensmia the supply of 56 holographic visors with which to equip as many 40 mm automatic grenade launchers. Santa Bárbara LAG-40 of (today General Dynamics European Land Systems – Santa Bárbara Sistemas).

The contract has an amount of 672,000 euros without including taxes and an execution period that ends on November 30 of this year. The Norwegian company was the only one that appeared in the tender in which the economic criterion, with 90 percent of the weighting, was the main criterion.

In addition to the holographic scopes themselves, these will be accompanied by mounts for the standardized MIL-STD 1913 “Picatinny” type anchorage, the battery, a manual and the transport case.

As Stated in The Technical Specifications

As stated in the technical specifications, the sight is designed to adjust to the ballistics and ammunition used by the LAG-40, adjusting the reticle image to the most frequent targets, distances between 100 and 1,600 meters and speed (for targets in motion that move laterally at 25 km/h).

The Norwegian company markets the VSM 028 scope for automatic grazed launchers whose characteristics coincide with those of the technical specifications. Made of anodized aluminum and aluminum, its screen is 118 mm. x 81.5 mm., has ten lighting modes (seven day and three night for use with night vision), a maximum weight of 4 kg. (4.2 with a dust cover) and will be able to operate between temperatures of -40 and +70 degrees Celsius.

The LAG-40 uses 40x53mm linked ammunition. which can fire in automatic mode, was designed and manufactured in Spain and is widely used in the Spanish Armed Forces, where it is mainly installed on vehicle mounts or on tripods.

However, it is being progressively replaced by the more modern MK-19 from the American parent company of the Ordnance Tactical Systems group, as we analyzed in 2017 on the occasion of its choice for the light remote use turrets of the 8×8 “Dragon” Wheeled Combat Vehicle of the Land Army. (Jose Mª Navarro Garcia)

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