Ricardo Báez Takes On New Sporting Challenge

The missionary comes out on the mattress today in the Zagreb Open Ranking Series 2023, in the capital of Croatia, in his second international competition of the year.

“I hope it goes well, I come with good feelings, so let’s see what comes out,” the missionary told El Territorio de Zagreb where he meets the Argentine senior wrestling team, as part of a training and competition tour. in the Old Continent.

The posadeño competed last week and was fifth yesterday, in the Free 97 kilos category, at the Grand Prix “Henri Deglane” in Nice, France.

“I start the first fight against a Chinese, whom I don’t know, but it must be good. In my key are fighters from Turkey, the United States and Italy, ”he explained.

In addition, the Yacaré highlighted that this tournament has a much higher level than the one in France, but we are already adapted to the schedule and the weather -very cold at this time of year in Europe- so we will be able to fight better”.

The posadeño, who won the gold medal at the Odesur Games in Paraguay last October, was very close to fighting for the medal in Nice, so he feels motivated for this new challenge, although as he already announced, he will have the highest stick.

“My expectation is to be able to fight, I’m not looking for a result, but to be able to fight well and give my best. The level of this tournament is high, with World Cup and Olympians, and this is part of the preparation; So, the results do come, fine… and if not, it’s part of the process,” said the best fighter in Tierra Colorada.

The Argentine team left in February, after a week-long training camp in Posadas, at the Cepard Combat Center, and will be in Europe until the end of April.

“We competed in France and we went to Romania for a week. Most of the team is there training and it will be our meeting point because we are going to be there for three months and we are going to different countries to compete. Now it’s my turn here in Croatia and the next competition will be in Bulgaria in March, ”explained Ricardo, who tomorrow after competing he will join the rest of his teammates in Romania.

“I spent three weeks traveling. One week I was in France, another in Romania and another in Croatia and that’s how I’m going, ”he added with a laugh.

For her part, the other missionary on the tour with the senior team is Camila Amarilla, who competed in France, she was 13th in the freestyle 57 kilos, but she does not compete in Croatia.

The one who will take part today is the gendarme from Santiago Patricia Bermúdez, Argentine representative in the London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games (fourth), who finished seventh in 53 kilos.

Destroys Could Not Advance

The Cordovan Agustín Destribats, top figure of the Argentine wrestling team and Olympic representative in Tokyo 2021, was eliminated yesterday in the repechage of the Zagreb Open Ranking Series.

Destribats, born on October 30, 1997 in the Cordovan capital, lost 11-0 in the 65-kilo category -freestyle- in the round of 16, with Tulga Ochir, from Mongolia, silver medalist at the 2021 World Cup in Norway, ninth in the Tokyo Games, and who won the gold medal in this event

Then, the Argentine, who won the gold medal at the Odesur Games in Paraguay 2022 and who will play the Ranking Series in Egypt, from February 21 to 27, was defeated 15-14 by American Richard Hensderson, who won the bronze medal. . In 2020, Destribats won the bronze medal in the 61-kilo category at the Wrestling World Cup, in Belgrade, Serbia, in what meant the only Latin American podium.

Destribats began fighting for the Latina club in the Mediterranean city and is awarded a scholarship by the National Entity for High Performance Sports (On January 21, the Argentine, winner in 2018 of the silver medal at the XI South American Games of 2018 in Cochabamba, Bolivia, finished seventh in the “Henri Deglane” Grand Prix in Nice, France, in which Catriel Muriel from Buenos Aires won the bronze medal in the 125-kilo Freestyle category.

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