Rape, humiliation, torture: Prison riot exposes shocking abuse in Russia’s jails

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This footage, filmed in a penal colony in Yaroslavl, led to the trial of 15 prison guards. © FRANCE 24

By: Elena VOLOCHINE | Gulliver CRAGG

On April 10, a mutiny broke out in the n° 15 high-security penal colony in Angarsk, 5,000 kilometres east of Moscow. Brutal video footage from the riot was widely leaked on social media, in which inmates call for help. They claim they have slit their wrists to protest against what they call daily physical abuse and humiliation from their guards. The mutiny was followed by a bloody crackdown and since then, NGOs are concerned that several inmates have disappeared. They say the treatment of prisoners in this penal colony is not an isolated case in Russia. Read More – Source




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