Pregnant woman bursts into tears after eating some pancakes

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We all know the feeling of taking the first bit of something you’ve craved. It’s pure euphoria and at times, overwhelming.

Sometimes a little too overwhelming as this pregnant woman from Jupiter, Florida in the United States, can attest to.

Lisa Piccitto, who is carrying twins, was seen bursting into tears of joy while eating some pancakes.

Lisa’s sister, Renee Piccitto, filmed the moment her sister was sobbing after tucking into each bite of the sugary snack.

Renee, 35, said: ‘While pregnant, Lisa has started crying over food and sobs over every bite of her pancake.

‘She says it tastes so good that she can’t help but cry.

Pregnant woman bursts into tears after eating some pancakes
(Picture: Caters News)

The video was taken outside of one the local cafes in their area called Fresh Berry.

‘Lisa had to eat it in the car because she was so hungry, and the restaurant closed.’

It may seem easy to scoff but her sister said it brought the pair some joy: ‘This is my favourite moment because the food brings her some happiness during a hard pregnancy.’

Pregnant woman bursts into tears after eating some pancakes
(Picture: Caters News)

It’s not the first time all those fun hormones have made women cry over something others may find trivial.

Women were interviewed about the funniest reasons they’ve cried while PMSing and the results were interesting to say the least.

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One woman said: I cried at the live action Cinderella because she was just so kind. I was sobbing my heart out, going ‘Why can’t people be as kind as her, she’s just such a good person!’ It was really embarrassing, I was in full meltdown mode!’

At the very least, we’re glad Lisa enjoyed her sugary snack.

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