Please enjoy this Instagram account dedicated to boys posing with bread


Please enjoy this Instagram account dedicated to boys posing with bread
(Picture: Boys with Bread/Instagram)

Who doesn’t like a bit of bread? And who doesn’t like well-groomed men?

You’re in luck, because this Instagram account combines the two.

Boys With Bread is a carb heaven account that boasts attractive men who pose with baguettes, sourdough pizza, croissants, and even cupcakes.

‘Just lookin’ for Mr. Rye,’ the account jokes in its bio, ‘We like big buns and we cannot lie.’

The account, which has 109 posts so far, started last month, in time for some cheeky man-bread combo scrolling before Christmas dinner.

Melanie Albert, from Colorado, is the genius behind the group. The 29-year-old tells ‘It started as a bit of a joke over the holidays. I came up with the idea very randomly. The idea came to me, it made me laugh to myself, and I ran with it.

‘It’s taken a bit of a life of its own since then, I’ve realised there’s actually a big baking community on Instagram, so it’s been fun meeting people and seeing other people get a kick out of it.’

The bread porn account has a growing following with 599 followers who indulge in the doughy snaps.

Not only do they pose, some of the guys are bakers, donning aprons and getting down and dirty with dough and batter.

Some of them are even seen selling their goods – pastries, breads, and baked goods that is – to customers.

Prince Harry and British TV personality David Mcintosh even make an appearance.

And if you like this account, there’s a similar group on Facebook with treats for the eyes.

Handsome Black Men Drinking Coffee Or Tea With Strong Eye Contact is pretty much what it says on the tin.

The group started in 2014 and, understandably boasts, 133,298 followers.

As well as good looking men drinking tea, coffee, soup and water, the group also share memes. Followers join in on the quips, posting their own.

One comment read: ‘You see him from across the room drinking a hot beverage and giving you the “drink me” eyes. What do you do?’

Consume responsibly.

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