People in Norway Take Corona Measures Less Seriously

Compared to the start of the corona measures, Norwegians go out more often and less people avoid social contact, shows a new study. “Its a little worrying, says Geir Stene-Larsen from the Directorate of Health.

Since the beginning of March, Norway is in a lockdown and there are the most strict measures in peacetime. Stay at home and keep the social distance are two clear calls from the government in the fight against the coronas virus.

Yet the spring weather tempts people and fewer and fewer people follow the rules the health authorities and the government has introduced, according to NRKs report based on mobile operator Telenors data.

-We are seeing a slow but steady increase in mobility for the Norwegian population now. Yet still half of regular level, says Marte Ruud Sandberg, market manager for big data at Telenor.

The first week after the measures , we reduced travel by around 65 per cent , according to figures from Telenors mobile customers. Now, a month later, the same sources show that more people are moving back to normal

While only 35 out of 100 had normal mobility in the first week after the authorities took action, 66 out of 100 had normal mobility this week.

-It shows what we fear that many now think that the worst is over and that they can relax again, says Assistant Director Geir Stene-Larsen from the Directorate of Health.

He says we are now entering an important phase. People may need to move more at the same time Read More – Source


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