OIC human rights commission calls for respecting cultural and religious diversity


Author: MOHAMMED AL-SULAMISat, 2018-02-03 03:00ID: 1517598631939718700

RIYADH: The OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) has called for respect for cultural and religious diversity to protect and promote human rights for sustainable development projects.
The IPHRC stressed the need for mutual understanding, cooperation and the need for dialogue among different faiths and religions and respect for diversity in all its forms, to achieve sustainable and equitable development for the creation of peaceful societies.
In a statement, the IPHRC added that as societies embraced new cultures and diversity, there were obvious differences and frictions, which at times led to divisive political populism and extremism.
But despite the existence of cultural differences, the official added, the homogenizing effect of globalization has led to the emergence of a global culture of human rights values that brings people closer and eliminates harmful traditional practices for the common good of humanity.
“Hence, the respect for cultural diversity represents respect for the shared human values which form the bedrock of the universality of human rights and fundamental freedoms,” the IPHRC said.
The organization has always been committed to promoting and protecting cultural and religious diversity through dialogues and development among the OIC member countries and beyond, the official added.
The IPHRC strongly believes that cultural and religious diversity can be a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and overcoming differences between nations and societies. To this end, it calls for activating the media, in particular social media organizing bodies that have become effective platforms for forming public opinion.
The IPHRC is urging the media to use its influence to promote mutual respect and acceptance of diversity to build multicultural societies.
The commission is encouraging member states to actively involve women, youth and imams in promoting interfaith harmony, which will lead to better understanding and tolerance.
The commission has also emphasized that interfaith harmony is the cornerstone of achieving a lasting reconciliation based on peace and a sustainable development for inclusive societies.

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