Oh God, we’re set for a tequila shortage because we’re all drinking too much

Oh God, we're set for a tequila shortage because we're all drinking too much
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Few things can get you through a rough patch quite like tequila.

Tequila is there to wake you up, warm you up and pick you up – whatever the weather.

But it looks like we might have to start doing without the medicinal Mexican tipple, because an agave shortage is threatening to halt worldwide tequila production.

And with Cinco de Mayo coming up in the not-so-distant future, that’s a disaster.

‘The growth has overtaken us,’ Francisco Soltero, director of strategic planning at Patrón Spirits International, tells Reuters.

‘It’s a crisis of success of the industry.’

We’re not just talking about a temporary glitch either; the mass shortage is estimated to last until at least 2021.

Oh God, we're set for a tequila shortage because we're all drinking too much
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According to the Tequila Regulatory Council and the National Tequila Industry Chamber, 42 million agave plants would be needed to supply tequila makers for this year alone.

Of the crops planted in 2011, only 17.7 million are ready for harvest.

That shortfall has led farmers to harvest plants early, and that’s only made the shortage worse. Agave plants take up to eight years to mature and picking them early only makes poor quality liquor.

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In addition to sub-standard drink, prices are set to dramatically increase, with agave prices rocketing from 21 cents per kilo in 2016 to today’s $1.18, according to Newsweek.

Salvador Rosales, the manager of Tequila Cascahuin, tells Reuters: ‘It’s impossible to compete with other spirits like vodka and whiskey. If we continue like this, a lot of companies will disappear’.

And that means ever climbing shelf prices.

Sad, sad times.

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