Norway’s FHI: Adults should swab both their throat and nose for corona self-tests

Self-tests with swabs taken both from the throat and the nose can detect more omicron cases, the National Institute of Public Health (FHI) stated on Monday.

“A sample from the nose will still catch most of the infection cases, but sampling from the throat and nose will probably pick up a few more cases of the omicron variant,” a press release from the FHI noted.

“Especially adults with symptoms can therefore take samples from both the throat and the nose when they do self-tests,” Joakim Øverbø at the FHI suggested.

The FHI states that the sample should first be taken from the throat, and then from the nose, so that the probability of detecting the infection is as high as possible.

“You should not take the sample only from the throat,” Øverbø said. For children, it is still recommended to take the test from the nose.