Laia Sellés wins Gold At European Olympic Festival

The Lleida skier climbed to the top of the podium in the sprint of mountain skiing || Today will participate in mixed relief.

The skier from Lleida Laia Sellés won the gold medal yesterday, in the downhill ski sprint, at the European Youth Olympic Festival, which is held in the Italian town of Friuli. Sellés, from Lles de Cerdanya, who competes with the AE Mountain Runners club from Berguedà, was joined on the podium by Norwegian Malin Indergard, who was second, while the bronze medal went to the skier from the Czech Republic Eva Matejovicova. Sellés’ medal is the first for the Spanish team competing in this competition, one of the most outstanding in the U18 category.

Three Other Representatives

The team also includes three other representatives of Lleida skiing, Lluc de Castellarnau, from Salardú; Marc Colell from Urgellen, from CEFUC and Berta Guitart from Manres, from CENA from Aran. After hanging up the gold medal, Laia Sellés said that “I did not expect this result, I am very happy. I really enjoyed the race, the route was perfect and pleasant”, and added that “for me, the most important thing is that I went through all the heats with my teammate and one of my best friends , Erola Rocías.

I’m sad that she didn’t get on the podium even though I really enjoyed the race.” Today he will compete in the mixed relay.

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