Govt faces a Dharama Sankat: Control disease, contain the cost of cure

It is a difficult choice. On the one hand, it would be reckless to let the coronavirus infection spread. So, a lockdown, however harsh, seems like a sensible course of action — it will bring life to a halt, but will presumably save people from getting infected with Covid-19. But, on the other, what happens to the millions who lose their livelihoods, who are pushed to the brink of starvation?

This is a true “Dharam Sankat” for the government. Experts at the International Online Conference on Covid-19, organised by Bennett University on Thursday, agreed that a prolonged lockdown was not the answer. The government should begin lifting the worlds most stringent lockdown in a phased manner to save Indias economy and its people, given the data currently available on the numbRead More – Source


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