Gladiators Fall To Germany In Crushing Defeat

They fell to the European team 19-39 in the first match of the second round and were left with no chance of reaching the quarterfinals of the Handball World Cup.

Argentina was unable to give continuity to the great game played against North Macedonia at the end of the first phase and suffered a heavy defeat against Germany -7th in the 2022 European Championship- at the start of Main Round III that takes place in the gym Spodek from the Polish city of Katowice.

In the other group game, the Netherlands edged out Qatar 32:30 while Norway and Serbia faced each other later.

Gladiators Were Left

With this result, The Gladiators were left without a mathematical chance of getting into the top eight of the tournament and will face the matches against Serbia and Qatar -on Monday at 11:30 a.m.- trying to finish as high as possible, which will be among the 9th places. and the 24th.

Pedro Martínez, author of 5 goals, was the top scorer for a team that could not find its footing during the sixty minutes and ended up falling comfortably in a game that was already defined in the first half with a forceful and unfavorable partial 11:24 . Although in the complement he had a slight growth in defense and in goal with Leonel Maciel as the protagonist, it was a resounding defeat against one of the candidates to reach decisive instances of the World Cup.

Argentina, which in Poland/Sweden faces its 14th consecutive World Cup participation and which in the 2021 World Cup Egypt achieved its best historical position with 11th place, added its third loss in the tournament after the loss against the Netherlands at 19:29 in the debut and against Norway 21:32. The duel against the Teutons came from beating North Macedonia 35:26, a victory that allowed them to access the Main Round.

The first minutes of the match would be far from anticipating what would happen later with a very uphill match development for Los Gladiadores. Because although Andreas Wolff covered Pedro Martínez’s first shot, the National Team found some spaces at the start, was able to progress in attack and even generated some discomfort in the German position that in his first two attacks added losses.

Two Consecutive Goals From Diego Simonet

However, everything would change after two consecutive goals from Diego Simonet and a 2:3 partial with the clock marking 5 minutes. Argentina added losses and quickly found itself down 3:8, a negative passage that began to condition the national performance and that transformed the game into a carbon copy of the match against the Netherlands where the National Team collided with the rival goalkeeper (Wolff closed the first part in 42%) and suffered from fast European uploads.

Two time-out requests in 14 minutes requested by Milano were eloquent for an albiceleste presentation that went from greatest to least in those initial thirty and that he was never able to correct despite a good offensive performance by Pedro Martínez and the different variants that the Argentine coach put in practice as the game with 7 players. Germany did not forgive with Juri Knorr, Patrick Groetzki and Johannes Golla as the main protagonists in attack, they did not fail and went to the break with a clear 24:11.

With the match practically defined, Los Gladiadores set themselves the goal for the second stage of changing their image thinking of the two important duels against Serbia and Qatar. The other, dose the charges of all players. One more goal by Pedro Martínez from outside, a save by Maciel, and another goal by Pablo Simonet after a good defense initially satisfied that first desire, but could not sustain it in the following minutes.

Although Argentina could not fully reverse their performance, because they continued to make some mistakes in attack and even made bad changes that led to exclusions, they had some positive moments in defense that allowed Maciel to also add saves.

Even so, the biggest deficit continued to be the attack that in 16 minutes could only overcome Joel Birlehm with a goal from Lucas Moscariello and that led to Germany continuing to increase the difference until closing, leaving only a good performance as a highlight for the end. by Pablo Simonet and the first two World Cup goals for Franco Gavidia who made his tournament debut today.

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