ELN’s Quest For Peace: A Never-Ending Story

Although there was a mistake by the government, this guerrilla has wanted to take the president against the ropes to take advantage of the negotiation.

The first gesture that the national government had with an illegal armed group was with the ELN. The president ordered the reconfiguration of the protocols that were not addressed by the previous government to ensure the protection of the delegates of that guerrilla, in case the dialogues were broken and they could then return to Colombia. There was an express request to the Prosecutor’s Office to suspend arrest warrants and the guarantee of Venezuela, Cuba and Norway was ratified. This time the second cycle, still to be seen, would be in Mexico, a wonderful country and today politically very close to the interests of the ELN. Delegates privileged.

Although it is true that the president made a mistake assuming on Twitter a bilateral cessation that did not exist, the ELN has wanted to take exaggerated advantage of that setback at the table to victimize itself. There are no more victims in Colombia than the civilian population; innocent citizens who have suffered the tragedy of bullets and bombs crossed between the official forces and the illegal ones dedicated in recent years to exploiting the cocaine business and illegal mining at full speed. Another debate is whether these crimes will have a justification in the rebellion so that there can be transitional justice and access to participation in politics, even if it is local and not national, as happened with the FARC.

The ELN is not “the poor old lady of history” and the country must not forget its last years. Not only because of the attacks with irreparable consequences on the ecosystems under the excuse of harming the oil companies, but also because of illegal mining and business along the cocaine routes in Venezuela. Otty Patiño, the government’s chief negotiator, recently said that the ELN kept pointing out that it had never been in the drug-trafficking business and that it believed that word.

Nor can the government err on the side of being naive with an illegal group that has decades of experience in failed negotiations. If the ELN does not interfere in routes for drug trafficking or illegal mining, then what is it that makes it fight bloodily with FARC dissidents in Arauca?

Commitment of The Government of President Petro

Total peace has been the commitment of the Government of President Petro to ensure that the country can economically develop the areas that the State did not reach, among other things, due to the terrifying presence of armies that took over entire regions for years and managed them at will like in a banana republic.

The interest from the current government in a positive, structural peace seems genuine. And to that interest the counterpart at the table should respond with coherent gestures, despite the presidential temperament. The ELN is an illegal group that has carried the banner of armed liberation for decades. But his armed liberation also led to criminal participation in businesses that generate death and violence without the poetry of rebellion. Just death.

If they are truly interested in peace in Colombia, more than in privileges for their bosses, it would be important that they pay attention to the good faith of the Government and show willingness that civilians in remote areas can finally spend their days and nights without having to take shelter or escape from the sounds of terror.

This article is originally published on noticiasrcn.com