Diet Coke launches new fruity flavours in fancy cans

Diet Coke launches new fruity flavours in fancy cans
(Picture: The Coca-Cola Co. via AP)

Bored of the same old Coke taste?

Don’t wander over to the aisle of juice and flavoured water in a haze. Diet Coke is here to reel you back over to their side with a bunch of new flavours.

They’re a little bit out there, sure. We can’t imagine liking Diet Coke mixed with ‘zesty blood orange’. But Coca-Cola has done this for you, those who are easily lured away by the promise of fizzy fruit.

On Wednesday Coca-Cola announced changes to Diet Coke’s can design, along with new flavours and a new marketing campaign.

The new can is taller and slimmer, and has a splash of colour to represent the flavour inside.

On to that flavour – the four new Diet Coke flavours are all fruity: Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Feisty Cherry (no, we don’t know what makes this cherry ‘feisty’ either).

New Diet Coke flavours
(Picture: The Coca-Cola Co. via AP)

The classic Diet Coke will stay the same in terms of flavour, but will join its fizzy mates in an updated can.

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It’s believed that the move is designed to appeal to the health-conscious millennial generation, following sales of Diet Coke dropping by 1.9% in 2016.

Coca-Cola say that they spent two years developing the new flavours and cans, testing 30 different flavours before settling on the new range. So hopefully they’ll be good.

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