Dane Claims Victory At Bocuse D’Or 2023

Chef Carlos Pájaro, who competes for Colombia, was the best of the three Latin Americans.

Danish Chef Brian Mark Hansen Won The Prestigious Bocuse d’Or culinary Award

Danish chef Brian Mark Hansen, cook at the Søllerød-kro restaurant, today won the prestigious Bocuse d’Or culinary award, delivered in the French city of Lyon, considered the cradle of French gastronomy.

Of the 24 finalists, each representing a different country, the second position went to Norway with the chef Filip August Bendi and the bronze to the Hungarian Bence Dalnoki. The three Latin American candidates who were competing in Lyon, the Chilean Ari Zuñiga, the Colombian Carlos Pájaro and the Mexican Marcelo Hisaki, were far from the podium, although the latter received the special Bocuse d’Or recognition for Social Commitment. By points, Colombia was in 16th place, Chile in 21st and Mexico in 22nd. (You can read: Beans with mussels, the dish with which Colombia competed in the Bocuse D’Or).

“Thank you all, thank you Bocuse”, Brian Mark Hansen said concisely after lifting the trophy, in addition to also dedicating a few brief but effusive words of appreciation to his team. These awards were created in 1987 by the famous chef Paul Bocuse, considered one of the best chefs of the 20th century.

One of his sons, fellow chef Jérôme Bocuse, was in charge of announcing the victory of the Danish team, amid a roar of cheers and confetti. The teams worked on two main axes: the pumpkin, the star of a “children’s menu” aimed at raising awareness about good nutrition, and the monkfish tail for the main dish and the most important piece of the contest.

Brian Mark Hansen, who has his restaurant north of Copenhagen, prevailed after a grand final of two days that was held within the framework of the International Restoration, Hotel and Food Exhibition (SIRHA), one of the most important of its kind in everyone).

The Danish team had already won the 2022 Bocuse d’Or European final, which had been held in Budapest in March.

France, winner of the prestigious award in the last edition (2021) and the country that has added it the most times to its list of awards, had to be confirmed with the award for the best meat dish and the best children’s menu, awarded by a children’s jury. The prize for the best execution went to Norway (also winner of the silver Bocuse) and the one for the best fish dish went to Sweden.

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