African scammer of lodge in Zanzibar

Norway businessmen and investors must be very careful when they want to invest to Hospitality business on Zanzibar. That’s why here is sad example of scam.

Despite of illegally taking over the business, a lodge in the north of Zanzibar is looking to rent out property for the second time in a year.

in September 2019, Andrada Tulbure, a senior scientist and entrepreneur came travelling to Zanzibar together with her boyfriend and in her world travelling tour she decided to stop in Zanzibar and make an investment.

The culture, the people, the social aspect of Zanzibar and the potential of improving the lives of the Zanzibarians by creating new jobs and trainings as well as the potential to help one particular local person, Rameck Ntirambigwa nickname is Mecky in developing his own business in collaboration. This implied financial investment for building a lodge near fish market in Nungwi and developing a business in tourism and the lodging sector have motivated Andrada to get involved. The initial plan was to further develop different ideas based on her projects in Sweden and Romania.

The initial plans have proved different in practice. The Zanzibarian person has proved to not be a citizen of Tanzania with an existing problematic background, which was less official and unspoken of
4 months after starting to work on building the lodge and starting the business, Rameck got arrested and Andrada had to pay a fee of 2.000 usd to avoid him going to prison for a past event he has been involved in.

The pandemic started at the time and with it, his opportunity to take advantage and run the whole business by himself, by firing the employees, changing lockers and blocking accounts. After failing in running the lodge on his own terms during the pandemic, half a year later he succeeds in renting out the place. All these actions have been a chain of events with no legal consequence.

In present, the government of Zanzibar must be aware of issues concerning foreign investors to assist and protect their rights as well as to take action against such behavior as Rameck’s. Such situations have a big impact on the way the society gets shaped in Zanzibar, the way foreigners approach a business, whether it is co-dependent or just independent, whether they support local citizens in developing their own business or instead hire them, whether they choose to offer trainings as well as aspects of dynamics in the social aspect.

The way Zanzibar approaches a long-term vision on Zanzibar is the way it shapes the lives and roles of people of Zanzibar on the land. There have been citizens involved in the story to try protect the image of the people and the place and they have helped, yet the infrastructure built is the one that facilitates it or makes it difficult.

The case is currently under discussions and supervised by lawyers and local government, yet it is unsolved and uncertain.

“You come in and want to help and collaborate to create a project for yourself as well as for multiple locals. This changes when one person you have once tried to help does something to harm you. The foreigners have the capacity to build on the basis of existing Zanzibarian values yet for this, there must exist a very strong basis of values and a way to work-together.”