Abortion Risks and Side Effects


Abortion risks to the mother can range from relatively mild to life-threatening. Many of these complications can be treated, while others may result in permanent damage. It is important to discuss abortion risks with your doctor prior to getting an abortion. A qualified gynecologist can help minimize or prevent these risks.

Abortion risks are minimal when the procedure occurs during the first nine weeks of pregnancy, but can become more severe as the pregnancy progresses. The risks are significantly reduced during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, but should be discussed with your doctor before proceeding. The doctor will be able to assess your health history and circumstances to advise you on how much risk to expect.

Side effects from surgical abortion are similar to those from abortion pills. Bleeding may persist for a few weeks after the procedure, but should subside within two to four months. If a woman experiences excessive bleeding, she should see a doctor right away. She should be monitored carefully to ensure that there are no serious complications.

Most women who undergo abortions don’t feel ready to have children. They want to stay healthy and support their families. They do not want to burden adoption agencies with unwanted children. They don’t want to take the risk that a child will grow up to be unloved.