Rahul Modi scores rank 420 in UPSC exam

NEW DELHI: A student named Rahul Modi who appeared for the UPSC Civil Services Exam scored 420 rank as per the results declared on Tuesday and took internet by storm.
Given the current political landscape of India dotted by the two bigwigs Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his rival Rahul Gandhi, the portmanteau name of the student is enough to catch eyeballs.
But the fun did not stop here as the rank scored by the student adds more zest to the coincidence which looks like was made for social media memes.
The numbers '420' are read as 'chaar sau bees' in Hindi and are metaphorically used to describe a trickster.
Twitter didn't waste much time and caught on to the joke of the week. Here is how twitterati enjoyed the happenstance:

UPSC Result – Rank 420 – Rahul ModiπŸ˜‚ next level crossover #UPSCResults https://t.co/sQfnD3d4Tw

β€” Ravi verma (@raviverma063) 1596526219000

What a coincidence..UPSC civil services 2019 results are out and a Candidate named RAHUL MODI secures 420 rank.… https://t.co/wF1fasOPjS

β€” Ankit Yadav (@Ankit_yadaavv) 1596546733000

https://t.co/BX5MQZ7qRQCan't get more bizarre than this – Rank no. 420 – Rahul Modi! Need I say more! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜›πŸ˜‚β€¦ https://t.co/42ES5zDVPK

β€” Ananth Rupanagudi (@rananth) Read More – Source

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