Reserachers in Norway Study Connection between Sunbathing and Corona Infection

Norwegian researchers investigate whether sunbathing and fish can have an effect on corona infection, according to NRK.

140,000 Norwegians are part of the large corona study by Oslo University Hospital.

-We wonder if there is any correlation between sunbathing and corona infection, says researcher Arne Søraas at Oslo University Hospital.

-It would have been very nice if we could find something to use in figthing against the virus, says Søraas to NRK.

Vitamin D Question

Researchers around the world wonder if vitamin D intake is good in the pandemic era.

-The data from the research may indicate that vitamin D provides some protection against severe covid-19, says Søraas.

There are some published research on vitamin D in connection with the infection. Some studies find no correlation. Other studies suggest that it can be a very clear link.

Deputy Health Director Espen Rostrup Nakstad points out that the research is important. Even if it might turn out therRead More – Source

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