Citizenship Act will rip apart soul of India: Sonia Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday attacked the BJP-led government over the Citizenship Act, saying it will rip apart the soul of India and the party will stand with all those who face injustice.
Addressing the 'Bharat Bahao' rally at the culmination of the Winter Session of Parliament here, Gandhi made a strong attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a range of issues including unemployment and economy.
She alleged that Modi-Shah were not concerned about parliament or constitutional institutions and were only concerned about their own politics.
"They have only narrow agenda, to make people fight and take attention from real issues," she said.
Gandhi said the BJP-government "does a show" of observing Constitution Day but "daily throw Constitution to tatters".
She said India's basic character does not allow for discriminatory steps.
"They were crazy for the citizenship bill. Modi and Shah are not concerned that the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which will rip apart the soul of India as is happening in the northeast and Assam," she said.
Gandhi said that Dr BR Ambedkar and the nation builders had worked hard to strengthen the soul of India.
"I assure those who face injustice that Congress will stand with them," she said.
She said the situation of the country has turned serious for quite some time and it is "our responsibility to get out of our houses and agitate against it".
"There comes a time in the life of a person, society and country that a decisive decision has to be taken. That time has come. The country has to be saved and hard struggle is to be done," she said.
She said youth were facing unemployment they had not faced in decades.
"Children are struggling for jobs. Those with jobs are losing them and there is darkness before them. I ask are we ready for the hard struggle for the future of youth" she said.
Gandhi said she is pained at the condition of farmers and their problems were rising.
"They do not get seeds on time, do not get fertilisers and facilities of water and electricity easily. They do not get the proper cost of their produce. Are we ready to struggle for them," she asked.
She said the labourers work day and night irrespective of weather conditions but do not get proper meals two times a day.
"Are we ready for the struggle to bring a change in their lives?" she asked.
She alleged that small shopkeepers were facing extreme difficulties due to policies of the Modi government and were finding it diRead More – Source

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