Reconsider amount of penalties under MV Act, CM Kamal Nath urges Centre

BHOPAL: Taking a cue from Gujarat and Uttarakhand who have reduced traffic fines to almost half, Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath said on Thursday that the Centre must reconsider the quantum of penalties under the new Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act and give relief to the people. Unsurprisingly, one of the Congress ministers has also termed the act as `Tuglaqi Farman'.
"We also want to put a check on road accidents and ensure the safety of people's lives but, it must be seen that the penalty is not impractical. It should be in accordance to the paying capacity of the public. This is the time of heavy recession," said chief minister Nath.
He further said, "The central government must reconsider the number of penalties imposed (in the Act) and provide relief to the public. We are also studying the act." On September 2, Nath had cleared that his government will not implement the new Act as public welfare is the priority. He said that the government will study and take inputs from the neighbouring states on the law.
Chief minister Nath's statement came after BJP-ruled states like Gujarat, Karnataka and Uttarakhand have already announced slashing of some of the penalties prescribed by the amended law, which is aimed at bringing down road accidents. Opposing the law, Madhya Pradesh transport minister Govind Singh Rajput went to the extent of strongly recommending non-execution of the traffic fines till revised.
"The central government's Motor Vehicle Act is unacceptable as it is 'Tughlaqi Farman' by an arrogant rule. Most of the fines recommended in the act on the violation of traffic norms are exorbitant which a common man cannot afford. I will discuss the matter with the chief minister and the government will provide relief to the public when and where necessary", said Rajput, on Thursday.
The minister further said that the Congress government will not implement the new Act until all ministers and MLAs reach a consensus. He said the central government is arrogant and give 'Tughlaqi' orders. We agree that hefty fine should be imposed on drunken driving but there is a need to amend some portions in the act. MP government is also studying the format of other states apart from, taking expert advice on the new law, said Rajput.
Madhya Pradesh government though, clarified that barring huge traffic fines, the government has approved the guidelines suggested in the amendment. But, as the BJP ruled states have paved a way for the execution of the new law, the Madhya Pradesh government is most likely to follow the same. Original Article

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