21 Years Old Jonas Becomes the Youngest Mayor of Norway

Jonas Andersen Sayed (21) becomes mayor of Sokndal, making him Norways youngest mayor ever.

Jonas Andersen Sayed ran in this local election for Christian Democrats (KrF) in southernmost municipality in Rogaland county, Sokndal.

According to NRK, Jonas Andersen Sayed was having hard time and had actually intended to take a break from local politics to get a proper education, but then the 21-year-old received a phone call from current mayor Trond Arne Pedersen. He wanted Jonas as their major candidate.

The journey of Norways youngest major has started with this phone call. But the 21-year-old does not hide that he lacks life experience and that it can be a disadvantage.

Despite his young age, Jonas Andersen Sayed has a large network, both in the parliament, the government and in his home municipality.

Unthinkable in India

Andersen Sayed currently lives in Stavanger where he studies political science. But he is moving back to Sokndal again.

He believes that his becoming a mayor in such a young age shows how great Norway is.

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