Keyring lets you attach high heels to your bag so you can enjoy pain-free commutes and nights out

(Picture: Luna and Roxly/Kickstarter)

You know that sweet feeling of taking off a killer pair of high heels after wearing them for hours?

The trouble is, you have to lug them around until youre home.

Enter, My Shoe Bae. No, its not a whole human who carries your kicks for you – its a new handsfree device that hooks onto a bag and attaches shoes to it.

Before you rush to add it to cart, the device is just a prototype at this stage. An American Kickstarter is attempting to bring the thing to life once they raise enough funds for it.

We certainly hope they reach their target, cause we need this on our commutes and nights out ASAP.

The Shoe device lets you hold heels
So simple. So genius (Picture: Luna and Roxly/Kickstarter)

My Shoe Bae is the size of a keyring which comes up with a locket that opens.

Within it is a pair of strings that come out. You simply attach it to the strap of the heel and then fasten the string back into the locket and shut it.



And then youre free to spend the rest of your day or night without having to stumble in heels.

But for the product to be available to the public, a total of £15,800 needs to be raised.

Those keen on the stuff may want to hurry as the deadline is in 40 days.

Up close shot of Shoe device that lets you hold heels
And up close (Picture: Luna and Roxly/Kickstarter)

The genius idea was the brainchild of mum Julie Richardson who spent 18 months perfecting it.

The mum-of-one balanced raising a child while researching and planning the product.

I was in the pit at a Britney Spears concert and after two hours standing in line and then 45 minutes of dancing, my feet were killing me, she explained on the Kickstarter.

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I dug around in my purse to find two hair ties and a couple of bobby pins, and in less than a minute, I used those to secure my heels to my crossbody bag.

Upon returning home, the inspiration for My Shoe Bae was in full force and the rest is history.

The good news is, if My Shoe Bae reaches its goals, theyll be shipping to the UK for £20 if you back their campaign.

And theyll list you as a BAE on their Read More – Source

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