5G mobile network: When is it coming to France and what does it mean?

What exactly is the plan?

The French government has announced that 5G mobile phone services will be rolled out across France, and the programme will start in 2020.

The networks that want to get access to the 5G networks – which is expected to be all of the big players in the French market – must have their bids in to the government by the end of 2019 so work can start at the start of 2020.

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And what is 5G?

A better, faster mobile phone data service basically. You will notice now if your phone drops from 4G down to 3G all internet services get a lot slower and some sites, especially those with lots of pictures or videos, just won't load at all. Well 5G is one step better than 4G, and the speed of data transmission will apparently be multiplied by many thousand.

Stéphane Richard, the CEO of Orange France, told RTL: "5G will allow much faster speeds and much less latency.

"It encourages use in real time. For example, the connected car needs to establish connectivity between vehicles to the millisecond and the 5G will be perfect for that. Or, during a remote surgical operation, you need a doctor to pilot a small robot that will operate on you, so you can imagine that latency should be as low as possible and network security should be perfect."

As well as faster downloading, the higher speeds and lower latency will mean that any situation where two machines need to 'talk' to each other – from Facetiming to video-gaming, will have fewer annoying freezes.

What networks will be offering it?

We don't know at this stage, as operators have until the end of the year to put their bids in, but Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free all paid up to be able to install 4G when that was introduced. Once the network is rolled out, operators then have to install base stations to transmit 5G, and users will need to get a new 5G compatible phone.

Never mind downloading videos, where I live I can barely make a call.

Yes, although telecoms maps show the 4G network currently covering almost all of France, the reality is that in many -mostly rural – areas of France service rRead More – Source

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